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As a text game enthusiast, I’ve been playing IRE text games games for nearly a decade now. I’ve seen a lot of fantastic role play and non-linear events that were fueled by the actions of the players. I’ve seen all sorts of wonderful character development from people who build a story for their character, and they make you feel like part of their story.However, there’s always those people that make you cringe and think, “Man, is that… is that really what you came up with? Is that really what you want your character to be known for?” Yes, you know what I’m talking about. You could probably think of a few examples off the top of your head. Well I’ve seen some pretty down right awful role play myself in all my years, and I’d like to present some of the things you just shouldn’t role play in a text game.1: Pregnancy.
Look, I think it’s fantastic that you and your text game spouse have tied the knot, and you want to share the joy with everyone. But when I see your character rubbing her text belly, squealing about baby showers and due dates, it makes us all vomit. Oh, and don’t think it stops there. Have you ever seen someone deliver a baby in an online text game? I know, you worked really hard on those three paragraph-long emotes that meticulously detail every groan, grunt and wet splop. But when it’s all said and done, you’re going to come to a grim realization – they stopped letting people make customized baby-in-a-blanket items in like 2003.

2: Blind/Deaf/Crippled.
Here’s the thing about online text games – there are usually a wide variety of herbs and salves to cure almost any ailment you run across. This includes being blind, deaf, and even having no arms. So whenever you tell me that your character is blind, and I pass you the appropriate cure, and then you tell me that you are “PERMANENTLY blind”, it makes me want to kill your character. Why? Because if I kill your character, you’ll come back to life free of afflictions, and I won’t have to deal with your inane claims anymore. It might seem like a fun role play device, but it’s completely inconsistent with most text game worlds.3: Atheism.
This item didn’t make the list because it bothers me, but rather because I’m a nice guy and I genuinely care for the safety of others. And questioning the existence of the Divine in Achaea and many other text games is not a safe bet for your character. I’ve seen people demanding proof of a higher existence; they claim that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Suddenly, a fireball hurtles across the skies and incinerates the poor fool to a crisp! The Divine in Achaea are very real, and very much a part of the epic mythos that text games have to offer… so look out for the bright green names on the WHO list!4: Role playing a child character in a family of snuggly fur-kins.
No. Stop right there. You were considering it too, weren’t you? The idea sounded great in your head – having a daddy Rajamala, a mommy Rajamala and you’d be the cute furry bundle of joy that wears a diaper. Then you could stand around all day and snuggle and groom each other, and life would be sunshine and rainbows. Listen up, and listen good. I want you to know right now that you stepped out of the newbie tutorial at 18 years old like everyone else. You are not a ‘child’ by any means, and you make me want to plot ways to set you and your whole furry family on fire.

5: Doing rituals in Latin
I’m sorry, I know you’re going to hate me for this. I know what I’m about to tell you is almost as crushing as when someone told you Snape killed Dumbledore the day the book came out. You see, my character knows a lot of languages. City languages, racial languages, languages from civilizations thought forgotten but suddenly rediscovered through recent events. Latin simply does not exist. So stop it. Next time I see you say something in Latin, I’m going to mock you for speaking gibberish and then I’m going to say, “Hey everyone, lets all make fun of the crazy guy speaking gibberish”. And then everyone is going to mock you, and you’re going to feel really bad about yourself. So just don’t do it, okay?

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Role plays and games for couples can spice up the sex where it was old before-everything old is new again. Here are some of the best role plays and games for couples on the market:The Kama Sutra game takes the ancient sexual position manual to another level by prodding you into the actual positions through the use of a simple card and board game. Don’t think for a minute that you will ever finish the game-everyone’s a winner with this one. For around $25.00 you get the board and 56 playing cards with positions, one die, and two playing pieces. The object of the game is to increase communication with your partner through the use of the position cards. Find out what each of you really want out of your sex life -and keep it somewhere where the kids won’t think they’ve found the latest version of Monopoly!Role plays are a version of the games you played as a child. Playing doctor takes on a whole new meaning when you’re playing with your lover. Since doctor is old hat, though, I opt for the pick up scene in the bar for role play, especially if the two of you have a touch of the voyeur. If you like to be watched, or enjoy the excitement of looking just a little like a slut, send him in first to sit at the bar and order a drink. You go in a few minutes later and case the room. Start to approach a couple of different men, but ultimately choose your lover to sit next to. You can make this role play go any direction you like. He can buy you a drink and lean in to kiss you early in the game-the other guys will wonder how he got the girl so fast. Or you can play it the other way and you go in first. Dress any way you like, and here’s another tip. You might want to do this in a bar you don’t usually frequent. Nothing ruins the mood like your co workers showing up.If you are private people, you can role play the repairman scene, a regular one in erotica books. In this scene you hear a knock on the door and it’s the repair man. You show him the leak under the sink and flirt with him a little. He seems shy, so you wait until he is positioned on his back under the sink. Unzip him and straddle him right there on the floor. Of course you will want to adjust the scene to fit your tastes-maybe the repair man is a woman! Answering the door wrapped in cling wrap or wet with lotion is another way to play-look through the peephole first!A light bondage role game is cops and robbers. Another favorite, in this role play one of you hides in the closet while the other one pretends that they broke into the house for a burglary. Surprise them and struggle with them on the bed, the floor, wherever, but eventually the cop wins and the robber is cuffed, totally at the submission of the master cop.For more information about lingerie please have a look at this link:Exotic Lingerie | Blouses See Thru [http://www.oasislingerie.com]